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Welcome to InfoSmart Technologies Inc.

InfoSmart Technologies, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve practical results with real impact. The company was founded in 1998, incorporated in Georgia, USA with consistent delivery of real improvements in business performance of its clients through a combination of technology, domain & process knowledge.

Today InfoSmart is a strategic consulting firm, our aim to ptovide of technology consulting in Application Development, Cloud Services, Business Intelligence, Data Science, AI, Machine learning and Voice Technologies.

We are in the business of advising clients and understanding their pain points — many of which are facing unprecedented change and disruption in their industries and need a fresh perspective — on their most pressing business challenges.

Our ongoing aim is to help clients succeed. We examine these challenges in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver new solutions. We deliver insights with impact for our clients using our unbiased, fact-based, rigorous approach to uncover business truths. InfoSmart is a partner company with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, TIBCO, Oracle and SAP. We are professionally, a strong team, with an impressive proven track record of performance with a strong vision and leadership of IT industries experienced professionals. Infomart’s mission is to“Help Clients Achieve Measurable Results.” We help our clients solve business problems.

“We align the right strategy with the right technology to untangle complex issues.”


InfoSmart’s mission is to “Help Clients Achieve Measurable Results.” We help our clients solve business problems. We align strategy with the right technology. We balance insight and ideals with tactical action. Most importantly, we place the interests of our clients first.

While focusing on the needs of clients, employees, and partners, InfoSmart strives to be a cost-effective provider of quality information solutions where integrity comes first, and everyone benefits.

InfoSmart has spent all these years focused on gaining the knowledge and talent to deliver successful projects and to streamline core business processes, with significant growth over past few years, which has led to the existing team of strong professionals with a unique blend of project expertise and Leadership. – needs a period.

Our existing team, coupled with our continued drive to pick the best available talent in the market, allows for optimization of resources.

With project expertise – With existing project team expertise, and running a project internally, provides a balanced cost structure.

Our Strengths

An exhaustive list of trends and growth drivers are impacting the IT landscape. As you strive to navigate this changing and complex landscape, InfoSmart’s established capabilities and experience can help you define, optimize and align your business strategy with Technology initiatives. .

Our portfolio addresses specific needs of your enterprise - consulting, application development, human capital management, project management, to name a few. You benefit from our expertise in focused industries, quality orientation, cross-technology expertise, and project management capabilities: including our knowledge network.

Our knowledge network has its foundation in our desire to bring forth the best possible solution in support Of a desired outcome.


We are professional, honest, energetic and thorough At all times. We assess our consultants, train according to the client’s expectations. We respect our client’s confidential and proprietary information. We stay targeted on our client’s objectives and respect their organizational culture. We deliver our best, every time we are into.

Infosmart respects and highly values its employees. Accordingly, the company has an unwavering ethical commitment towards promoting a workplace that is respectful of personal differences and free of discrimination and harassment. This principle applies in our hiring and interviewing process as well as all aspects of our work environment. By providing a respectful, creative, and positive atmosphere where employees can be successful and achieve, Infosmart is capable of attracting, motivating, and retaining the best people available.

All employees are expected to contribute to the success of Infosmart by performing their jobs as required and conducting themselves in a professional manner consistent with the company’s business philosophy, values and Of sound business conduct. Employee honesty and integrity are essential to ethical business practices.

Service to Our Clients

We promise to maintain a high level of excellence in Providing slash through – take out services to our clients. We are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first, to building lasting client relationships, and to work together with our clients to improve the success of their business.

Service to our Employees

We are dedicated to providing a workplace that creates balance between work and family values, so our employees can be as productive and enthused as possible. We will strive to attract and maintain the best professionals by creating an atmosphere where employees are continually confronted, rewarded, and encouraged to improve their professional skills. The excitement that we feel for our company is reflected in our employee-created vision statement.


"We endeavor to work with devotion and continuous growth by exceeding benchmarks. We sustain continuous success and strive to improve upon our reputation of incomparable excellence."

We at Infosmart firmly believe that our corporate philosophy is reflected in our actions, business conduct and the way we partner with our clients. We are fully vested in the success of our clients and seek to improve upon our core values, which are:

  • Concentrating on attaining our client' s goals.
  • State-of-the-art solutions to complex problems and areas of opportunity.
  • Continuing strict ethical standards that govern our corporate conduct.

By creating a strong ethical environment, our talented global team of professionals is an asset to our valued business partners. Conducting business in a mutually beneficial environment created in an atmosphere of trust and respect is a key component to developing a symbiotic relationship that will produce optimum results for both parties. This standard of business practice is, what we strive to achieve with each business partner at Infosmart Technologies Inc.

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