Managing Amazon WorkDocs With AWS


Mannam & Associates traditional managed Documents unsanctioned personal Storage and Lack of Tracking & control the documents.


They wanted a platform that could access point to documents anywhere anytime


We migrated their environment to AWSDocs, They can easily access the documents and share the documents, A place to review and markup any documents

How its works

Amazon WorkDocs affords absolutely managed, steady enterprise-degree storage and sharing features for those looking to improve user productivity. As well as delivering robust administrative controls and feedback capabilities, WorkDocs files are stored inside the cloud, accurately and securely. You also can leverage Workdocs to several specific use case necessities and tailor it to fit your business-vital workloads.

The use-case of necessities which were quite tailor-made to their business requirements:

  • Store the private files in organizational structure
  • Have an application to down load and use the record offline
  • Share the documents with other users with password
  • Share the files for a particular time duration (this was no longer within the unique spec, but they had an offshore contractor and needed to percentage some documents with compliance reasons)
  • Standard record guide like Docs, Words, and images, usually not very large in size
With WorkDocs, your users’ documents are most effective available to them and those they designated members and viewers they've set get right of entry to permissions for. Other employer members do no longer have get right of entry to to other user’s documents unless they may be explicitly granted get admission to.

WorkDocs also provides a ton of other capabilities that are beneficial for any Document Management System within an organisation. Most notably, those are:

  • Sharing
  • User Management
  • Editing
  • Encryption
  • Feedback
  • Workflow
  • Compliance

Info Smart Tech Mannam & Associates to Save Costs Of there documents By Moving documents to AWS Workdocs


Customer Profile:

Mannam & Associates Since 2000, there practice has been dedicated to helping corporate and individual clients navigate through the ever-changing landscape of U.S. Immigration Law. The scope of there services extends across clients, industries and issues. There clients cover a broad spectrum of industries, including IT Consulting Services, Secondary and Higher Education, Finance, and Health Services, and range in size from start-ups to companies with annual revenues in excess of $500 Million Dollars.

The Challenge

Mannam law
  • Want secure access to documents on the road, at home, on any device
  • Collaborate with the team and implement an approval process within the organization
  • Large spikes in terms of amount of data being stored.
  • Want Simplified sharing
  • Server Storage and maintenance.
  • Current data backup approach was complex and costly

The Solution

Info Smart Tech team conducted an exploratory analysis to study Mannam & Associates LLC requirements. In the plan, Info Smart Tech implemented AWS workDocs the following steps in setting up the AWS WorkDocs for Mannam & Associates LLC:

An essential concentrate on security and compliance – WorkDocs permits you to secure your files from each internal further as external threats whereas maintaining regulative compliance. WorkDocs is totally PCI DSS compliant, HIPAA eligible, and meets all ISO compliance necessities. additionally, your knowledge is encrypted each at rest further as in transit.

Access knowledge from anyplace – WorkDocs users will access their knowledge from any device, as well as mobile phones and tablets. It options mobile applications for iOS and humanoid devices further as a adjust consumer which will be put in on your laptop and an online consumer that permits you to access all of your files from any browser.

On-demand access – One of the key drawbacks of the many free cloud storage suppliers is that they don’t supply true on-demand access. this suggests that whereas your files area unit hold on within the cloud, they’re conjointly hold on domestically on your disk drive, that takes up valuable disk drive area. With WorkDocs, you’ll have access to any or all of your files while not having to store them domestically. additionally, you'll simply produce sharing links, store files offline, and invite alternative users to collaborate

User-friendly collaboration – Amazon WorkDocs offers a centralized space to stay track of documents and knowledge. Users will simply share knowledge with people within or outside the corporate with an easy link. they will conjointly management whether or not a link is public or personal, and links will be disabled at any time.

If a user is invited to look at a file from outside of the organization, they're going to be asked to form a guest account. Guest accounts area unit fully free. Users will tag alternative people by merely exploitation @username, further as produce personal comments and answer comments in a very rib spoken communication to facilitate collaboration.

Centralized administration dashboard – Manage WorkDocs via a robust Management Console, or integrate your Active Directory to manage user access. WorkDocs supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and therefore the WorkDocs Management Console permits you to manage permission teams, storage quotas, sharing permissions, and users. All of this may even be controlled via the WorkDocs SDK.

The Benefits

The advantages of this service are that with Amazon WorkDocs, it is easier to add features with a lot of content to web and mobile applications because you can use this service as a repository of content.
They can also use the capabilities at the user and administrator levels. of the AWS SDK for an integration with its business tools, such as antivirus and malware detection applications, which are exactly the needs we have and AWS WorkDoc manages to cover its problems, among the benefits of the cloud we have to use Amazon WorkDocs Drive