Enterprise integration

Infosmart Technologies Inc., Consulting understands that your corporate business applications—ERP, CRM, and more—are often the technologies that run your enterprise.

Our vast experience with numerous applications—both commercial and proprietary—allows us to build complete solutions. Whether you are deploying your business process completely on-premise, completely cloud-based, or a hybrid combination, Infosmart offers enterprise integration solutions to meet your needs.

We first start with aligning with clients on their desired business outcomes and KPIs, establishing an agreed upon reference architecture and roadmap for implementation. From there we work together to prioritize and execute integration projects, further building out to accommodate scaling needs for the enterprise. Finally, we can assist with measuring, monitoring and managing the integrated assets assuring performance, providing support and exploring options for further optimizations to achieve maximum efficiencies, data flows and digital connectedness.

Whether commercial, proprietary, open source, legacy or custom-built system or application, and regardless if it's located in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both, Infosmart’s integration architects can get it connected. Enabling those IT assets to better serve the business, its customers and/or employees.

We’ll work with you to assess your current technology stacks, identify gaps in integration, and design a clear roadmap for eliminating those gaps. We strive to protect your investment in existing platforms while also allowing you to take advantage of new technologies. The result are collaborative systems that simply work smarter, better and more efficiently—all while reducing your risk and costs.

For complex enterprise customers, providing fundamental systems integration of disparate building systems doesn’t help them meet their corporate goals. Taking a holistic approach, We work with our customers to understand their business processes, organizational structure, regulatory requirements and corporate goals. Teaming with them, we develop a strategy and implementation plan to align and integrate enterprise business processes and requirements with IT network applications and systems to help achieve their business goals. Infosmart’s solutions enhance situational awareness, maintain regulatory compliance, strengthen business continuity and mitigate risk through metrics and reporting.

Enterprise Account Management

Improving safety and security, maintaining regulatory compliance, integrating systems core to your business and reducing costs are just a few of the challenges larger more complex enterprise customers face. Your Infosmart team will develop comprehensive solutions that combine advanced technologies with value-added professional services. As your single-source turnkey partner, we will help you achieve standardization, increase situational awareness, mitigate risk and maintain compliance across your enterprise.

Integrating core Business Process with ERP

Infosmart’s tested ERP implementation methodology and tools enable organizations to do more with – and benefit more from – their ERP software systems. Our efficient, broad and independent experience allows clients to implement ERP more effectively rather than focus strictly on the functional or technical aspects of an implementation.


Today, industrial organizations depend on a variety of computerized information systems to run their business. It often happens that different divisions within the enterprise incorporate contrasting business intelligence infrastructures, databases, and business applications to simplify their processes. These systems don’t synchronize with each other and create problems. These information exchange differences prevent smooth information flow within the organization. This is why business enterprises believe that enterprise-wide application integration is necessary to stay competitive in their domain. The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps business enterprises integrate their hardware systems, legacy systems, business processes, and modern digital platforms, and technologies.

Infosmart Technologies Inc. help organizations accelerate their growth by conducting seamless EAI. Our services help businesses to adopt new enterprise solutions, and event-driven architecture to improve time-to-market capabilities.

InfoSmart’s solutions are backed with in-depth knowledge of product functionality and an extensive spread of product offerings. We will empower you to further your business by automating processes across your enterprise. With several successful InfoSmart’s implementations and over 20 years of experience in the ERP domain we are set to transform your business into a more agile enterprise.

Our experience and expertise with InfoSmart’s runs along the following modules:

  • Finance Module
  • Material Management Module
  • Inventory Management Module
  • HRMS Module
  • Sales & Distribution Module
  • Supply Chain Management Module
  • Customer Relationship Module