resource management

Many organizations, large and small, often need assistance with essential human resource management (HRM) functions. From employee handbook development to succession planning, the Infosmart is available to assist you and your organization with a variety of HRM needs.

Specific HRM consulting services provided by Infosmart Technologies Inc. include:

  • Employee handbook development/revision.
  • Succession planning.
  • Individual team member development/training.
  • Performance Management process improvement
  • Recruiting and employee retention planning.
  • Employee engagement surveys.
  • Strategic HRM planning.
  • EEO compliance auditing and training.

Our HRM consulting services are focused around workplace application based on the mission, vision, and values of the organization.


A few of the specific HRM consulting projects that we have done include:

  • Developing a performance evaluation program for a small business.
  • Developing a framework for succession planning for a large business.
  • Updating an employee handbook with the new EEO rules and regulations for a non-profit entity.
  • Strategic planning for a department of a government agency.
  • Developing and administering an organizational climate and culture survey for a social service nonprofit company.
  • One-on-one coaching for key leaders and new supervisors for a for-profit enterprise.
  • HRM training for a small business that does not have a full-time HR manager

There are several ways in which Peregrine Leadership can assist you and your organization with human resource management.

Infosmart Technolgoies Inc. integrated HR consulting services align talent with organizational objectives. Our Workforce Development solutions and training and development services help increase employee engagement, improve performance, and reduce turnover. Our outplacement programs and workforce transition services help employees move on to new positions that match their individual goals and experience. Infosmart Technolgoies Inc. will partner with your company to develop customized programs that are responsive, insightful, relevant, and timely.

Resource management, at its simplest level, can be defined as the effective use of people across an organisation. This is by no means a new concept but it has tended to be neglected. Today, resource management is starting to receive the attention it deserves as organisations recognise people, and resource management, as vital enablers of their transformation programmes.

In trying to improve resource management practices, many organisations run into trouble through lack of information and a systematic approach. Some have inadequate resources for vital projects, yet surplus skills in other areas. Others lay off too many staff and then find themselves having to recruit and train new people.