End-to-End Accounts Payable RPA

Case Study


Process Brief – Invoices are manually downloaded and split, and uploaded into a catalyst

Objective – Automate the download, split and upload of invoice data


  • Analysts are required to download large volumes of invoices in a timely manner.
  • Each invoice consists of multiple data points that need to be split on the basis of predefined business rules.
  • This invoice data then needs to be accurately uploaded into the Catalyst application.
  • The analysts are required to commit invoice data to the enterprise application under stringent SLAs

100% Accuracy

~6000 Hrs of Manual Effort Saved

Project Result & Benefits of Project

The RPA solution is designed to automate:

  • The download of invoice data from the bank’s enterprise application
  • Split inbound invoices into predefined data sections on the basis of predefined business rules
  • Move split data into appropriate folders
  • Upload data into the catalyst.
  • Each invoice transaction processed by the is logged for future audit efforts.

Case Study

Invoice Automation Process for a Banking & Finance Client.
  • Client : International Bank
  • Category : RPA
  • Location : USA