Reporting Process RPA

Case Study


Process Brief – Extracting & Publishing reports on Sales, Cost, Headcount and P&L for senior leadership review.

Objective – To improve reporting accuracy for senior leadership through automation of reporting process


  • The high number of reports (> 3000) per month
  • Manual Intervention – Setting up and scheduling the reports 
  • Amendments to reports based on business change
  • Possibility of delivering blank reports
  • Dynamic reporting structure due to variations in regional organization structure

Increase Accuracy

100% Accuracy

Time Saved

72% Average Handle Time (AHT) Reduction

Project Result & Benefits of Project

  • RPA solution automates market schedules 
  • Receives Report scheduling excel
  • Enters data into Bulk upload template
  • Uploads file into SAP system and run program for report generation
  • Reports are downloaded and saved in a local drive, and data is validated
  • For any failures, the analyst manually checks and takes the necessary action 
  • BOT validates the management pack in the reporting system
  • A summary of the validations is mailed to the analyst

Case Study

Automation of Extracting & Publishing Reports for the R&D unit of a Multinational Manufacturing Company.
  • Client : Manufacturing MNC
  • Category : RPA
  • Location : USA