Invoice Processing RPA

Case Study


Project Task: Invoice generation and payment processing for the customer on a monthly basis for further processing 

Objective – Automate to reduce manual effort and research time spent on each entity


  • The analyst uses the web-based application to generate invoices for customers and allocate them to respective queues for payment processing in exchange via PDF, e-mail and paper.
  • For sending invoices having complete details like A/c number, late fee clause etc., the analyst uses three websites and two applications overall, which is time-consuming.
  • The analyst has to adhere to a stringent timeline of processing all the reconciliations within two working days of every month to close it for the previous month.
  • After the payment is received, the analyst closes the invoice in a web-based application and attaches the receipt to the respective accounts.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

  • The RPA solution is designed to automate the process end-to-end
  • Downloads the statement from the web-based application and opens the reconciliation template, and uploads the balance 
  • Validates the differences between application and open bank reconciliation and do the corrections
  • Downloads report from application to create reservations on anticipated bad debts
  • Perform booking and reversal by uploading the spreadsheet to the application                
  • Perform reconciliation on AR-owned accounts
  • Bulk research and update can be done in a single go

Increase Accuracy

100% Accuracy

Time Saved

60% Average Handle Time (AHT) Reduction

Case Study

Invoice Process Automation for a Publishing & Media Company.
  • Client : Online Publishing Media Group
  • Category : RPA
  • Location : USA